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5 Yoga poses to do before you go to sleep

March 24, 2022

People these days complain a lot about not getting enough sleep or unable to fall asleep even after physical exhaustion. Either there is discomfort while lying down or mind is wandering. Yoga techniques help to relieve this discomfort and induce calmness, ensuring good night’s sleep.

Here are the 5 best yoga poses to do before bed for a sound sleep. The bedtime yoga had many benefits. Keep a minimum gap of 2 hours between dinner and sleep because these asanas are to be practiced after 2 hours..

1.  Vajrasana

Vajrasana is the only posture that can be practiced after a meal. It improves blood circulation to the abdominal region thus improving digestion. Sit in Vajrasana for 5 to 10 mins after dinner, providing ease in all digestion-related problems like acidity, constipation and help you sleep peacefully. It will also help relieve severe lower back discomfort, after a long tiring day of sitting at work. It’s the easiest yoga pose for good sleep.

2.  Yashtikasana

Yashtikasana is an excellent technique that helps in an overall relaxation to the body and mind. It provides adequate stretch to the spine that helps in alleviating back pain. It facilitates maximum stretching of body, providing relief in muscle tightness and discomfort that prevents from getting a good sleep. This yoga pose can be practiced before bed.

3.  Viparitkarni

Viparitkarni provides the wholesome effects of gravity. It benefits the various organs of the body above the waist, including the vital endocrine glands. There are favorable changes due to the increased interchange of blood in the upper part of the body. It provides excellent stretch in the neck, torso and legs.

4.  Leg lift in Dhradasana

Lower body muscles get stiff and experience back pain, knee pain, or foot paindue to long sitting hours. Along with sitting, improper posture, wrong footwear, or even uncomfortable chairs can aggravate these problems. This simple exercise of lying in Dhradasana stretches the inner thigh muscles and relieve tension from the legs.

5.  Reclined Bhadrasana

Reclined Bhadrasana helps to calm the mind as well as improves blood flow to the lower body. This simple stretch also provides an intense stretch to the thigh muscles and relieves discomfort.

After completing these asanas, lie down in a Shavasana and prepare to sleep. This will relieve physical or mental fatigue. Shavasana induces a meditative effect. It invigorates the entire body and mind, ensuring you wake up fresh and energetic. Consciously relax one body part at a time. Once completed relaxing the entire body, maintain this relaxed state for about 10 to 15 minutes. This is best guide to bedtime yoga for stress and tension.