Yoga Federation of Mysuru

About YFM

Yoga has always been an eternal part of Indians’ life. Although the art and science of yoga has been passed down from generations together, the true meaning and purpose of it has been eroded with time. As ironical as it might seem, the way we see and lead life has changed drastically in the last century. No wonder, we see more Indians adopting western culture and more westerners adopting Indian culture today.

When we look back at our ancestors, their lifestyle included intensive physical labor. Getting things done involved a lot of time, energy and stress. No matter how hard their lifestyle was, the quality of life that they led was excellent, thanks to the physical activities that kept them hale and hearty. On the contrary, our lifestyle is very easy and convenient in today’s scenario. Right from kids to adults, people get things done instantly with the help of technology and internet, but at the cost of the quality of their life.

It is high time we realize the importance of keeping ourselves fit and yoga is the perfect tool to make it happen. With support from volunteers and likeminded people, Yoga Federation of Mysuru (YFM) has begun to nurture and endorse the practice of yogic lifestyle in Mysuru. At YFM, our vision theme is to reach yoga throughout the world in the next 3 years and to promote and propagate yoga to keep our fellow denizens physically fit, mentally fit, socially fit and economically fit.

YFM Committee


Dr. Srihari

Vice President

Ganesh Kumar

Organising Secretary

Shashi Kumar


Gopal Krishna


B P Murthy

Mission of YFM

To make our citizens healthy and create a prosperous society.

Vision of YFM

To promote the benefits and celebrate the lost importance of yoga.

YFM – Actively Propagating Yoga in Mysuru

Ashtanga Yoga’s birthplace Mysuru commands a very special respect when it comes to yoga. Many individuals and institutions come down to Mysuru to learn and share the knowledge of yoga. YFM has been actively involved in several yoga forums and programs to rebrand Mysuru as the yoga capital of the world. Some of them are:

• International Day of Yoga
• Rathasaptami
• Yoga Dasara
• Yoga Competition
• Yoga National Conference